Donations come with expectations !

 Letter submitted to the Age by City of Melbourne constituent 19/20

Donations come with expectations. (Capp under fire over donor secrecy 18/10) Indeed – who wants what?  Teams Capp, Reed and Yang et al are not only intent on ‘buying’ control of the City of Melbourne council but are refusing to disclose Sources of their hefty campaign budge  Donations ahead of the voting. Why? Because the letter of the flawed law says they have not compelled to do so?   Or because they have much to hide?  Or because the best strategy is to keep voters in the dark?  Whatever the case these Teams blatantly an insult  constituents. Electoral success trumps electoral transparency. 

 Letter submitted to The Age by City of Melbourne constituent 19/20

Show us the money — actually, whose money is it? (Capp under fire over donor secrecy 18/10) Although the law might permit campaign donations to remain secret until 40 days after the election  does this make it right? The City of Melbourne campaign budgets are clearly humungous this election. For example Team Capp ‘branding’ has been relentless for weeks – multiple mail-outs, emails,  even massive billboards strangely directed towards Port Melbourne, Brunswick and Yarra. All candidates can voluntarily disclose donations on Register set up in the local paper.   Regardless of what the law requires, some Teams, out of respect for voters are already taking this option There is no such thing as a free lunch. Transparency genuinely matters to some candidates and not others.


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