Valuing Heritage

Valuing heritage is in Melbourne’s DNA. Our multi-layered heritage – architectural, cultural, and environmental – is widely acclaimed

Local History Groups continue to flourish- doing a tremendous job of documenting and celebrating our past. Owners of heritage properties invest their time and their money in painstakingly researching and restoring many marvellous properties. Having owned and restored several heritage houses myself, I know full well the satisfaction of preserving wonderful heritage assets for future generations.

But what about the fate of heritage ’assets ‘ property owned by corporations? Or developers?

So often it seems they are lawfully’ gutted to mere facades, overwhelmed by towering developments or unlawfully demolished completely like the Corkman Hotel in Carlton?

And what about the fate of publicly owned heritage ‘assets’?

For example the splendid Lemon Scented Gumtrees cut-down by Vic Roads to make way for? Roads!

And what about the desperate struggle to defend the Nationally and State heritage listed Queen Victoria Market from the threat ‘Renewal’ by then owner – the City of Melbourne?

Fortunately Heritage Victoria and a horde of heritage organisations stood firm in halting the inappropriate plans – for now at least.

Regrettable too the inexplicable neglect by Development Victoria of the iconic Central Pier in Docklands – the last of its kind in Australia.

What can be done when Responsible Authorities such as these somehow manage to ‘turn a blind eye’ to what is genuinely valued by the community -and will be of immense value well into the future?

So – What CAN be done is to be ever vigilant, and NEVER take heritage protection for granted. Insist politicians at all levels of Government really acknowledge the lasting ‘value‘ of Melbourne’s heritage assets