Victorians now against Stage 4 Covid Restrictions

Market Research Update – Page Online: 1 October 2020
Original article by Roy Morgan

Now 56% of Victorians (up 19% from 3 weeks ago) say Melbourne’s restaurants/clubs/hotels/cafes should be able to open with proper social distancing, 61% (up 1% from 2 weeks ago) say Melburnians should now be able to travel more than 5km from their home and 59% (up 4%) say Melbourne residents should be allowed to visit the homes of their immediate family members. This is the first time majorities of Victorians have agreed with lifting all three of these restrictions – and the results are fairly consistent for both genders and across all ages according to the fifth Roy Morgan Snap SMS survey on Victoria’s Stage 4 restrictions conducted Monday and Tuesday of this week. [Click to view the full article here]